We need help with functional gastrointestinal disorders

We need help with functional gastrointestinal disorders

It can be said that there are many patients who visit medical institutions due to prolonged indigestion. I heard that there are hundreds of thousands of people who visit the institution every year, but there are many people who don’t even get tested even if they actually have symptoms, so I could guess that there are much more people who actually experience symptoms. When they can’t digest, they often pull out their hands, leave them as they are, or take gastrointestinal medicine to endure.For those who take the symptoms very lightly, they usually leave their illness alone for such a long time. In this case, the situation can get worse and worse, so please do not leave it alone and make sure to find and manage the resulting lesion with the medical staff. This time, we will introduce useful information to those who have functional gastrointestinal disorders that are difficult to identify the cause.

Perhaps everyone has experienced temporary indigestion. Symptoms began to appear after meals on a stressful day, and even if I ate too much, my stomach felt heavy. In this case, as I mentioned earlier, the symptoms gradually subsided by using gastrointestinal medicine or just waiting. However, if the problem is chronic, it is difficult to get better in this way. It is threatening enough to shake the subject’s daily life. In particular, the symptoms were very simple and frequent. It was difficult for these people to get out of the repeated symptoms without knowing the cause of the situation. These symptoms can occur chronically due to various causes, so if multiple upper abdominal symptoms are chronic, they must be tested.

However, even if you take at most time to examine endoscopes, many people will suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders. This is not much different from saying that the cause is difficult to understand. I checked the inside of the stomach with an endoscope, but the cause was not clear. If you have a problem like gastric ulcer, you can say that you can see the ulcer after the examination. In this way, when the cause of the examination is not clear, functionality has come to be called functionality. In this case, even after the examination, the pathophysiology of the lesion was not clearly identified, so management could be quite difficult. In particular, the subject could suffer from various upper abdominal discomfort for more than a few months without knowing the cause, which could greatly reduce the quality of life. Getting gastrointestinal medicine and other medicines according to the symptoms didn’t help much.

In the case of these functional gastrointestinal disorders, we looked into the common symptoms of the target. The most common symptom that the subject of the institution complained about was pain in the center of the upper abdomen. It means that the pit of the stomach is painful or stuffy. Also, there were many people who had stomachache, people who burped too much, people who felt like gas was accumulating in their stomachs, and people who felt full very quickly during meals. In addition, I complained of various symptoms such as sourness, nausea, and stomachache. Then, is it impossible to manage such a functional gastrointestinal disorder considering the cause? Functionality does not mean that there is no cause. If you look at the subject’s gastrointestinal health from a different perspective, you can see the cause. In particular, oriental medicine carefully examined bile droplets that occurred in the stomach and intestines at this time.

It is difficult to determine the cause with an endoscope-like examination, so if you feel suffocated, you should have thought that your gastrointestinal function had deteriorated. In particular, if the motility of the stomach is deteriorating, the problem I mentioned earlier sometimes occurred. When this exercise decreased, food was not discharged smoothly from the stomach to the small intestine and remained stagnant for a long time. The stomach became difficult to move, and the food was not broken into small pieces or discharged into the small intestine, so it became delayed. When problems such as food staying inside the stomach for a long time, accumulating undigested food left, and decomposing inside and generating too much gas have occurred, various symptoms have also appeared. In addition, the accumulation of pathological substances inside is said to have piled up walls in oriental medicine.

These people don’t have problems such as ulcers or inflammation in their stomachs, so it’s easy to get results of functional gastrointestinal disorders when tested. Sometimes it was also called neurotic, and sometimes it was called gastric pituitary or gastric dysfunction. Please take care of it together with our hospital at times like this. “Due to decreased gastrointestinal motility, “”biliary”” occurred, and it could be very difficult if left unattended.” All the symptoms so far correspond to the first stage, and you can proceed to the third stage after that. This is a distinction through research here, where various symptoms caused by gall have been treated through institutions for a long time, and the institution can be said to provide customized prescriptions according to stages.

The first stage of symptoms occurs when gastrointestinal exercise is reduced, so we had to proceed with management to increase gastric exercise through customized treatment hot water. It is necessary to make sure that the food stays in the stomach for a long time and is able to escape from the situation where gall is generated. Solutions such as needles, which can be treated with herbal medicine, were also used to focus on stomach exercise.Those who frequently have headaches in old conditions with indigestible symptoms and those who have difficulty in their chest had to suspect the second stage. If left unattended, the symptoms could be more diverse. The institution is providing step-by-step prescriptions even non-face-to-face, but if you need counseling and prescription, please feel free to go with a nearby branch.Previous image Next imagePrevious image Next imagePrevious image Next image